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The GMAT's over, la la la

In case you were wondering, that's the first line of The GMAT Song, which I composed last night. It goes like this -
"The GMAT's over, la la la
It's finally over, la la la
And I kicked its booty, la la la
La la la la la la la"

Yes indeedy. Through some kind of massive computer error, I scored a 760. Harvard's average is a 705 and UPenn's is a 710. So it is looking good for my efforts to scam my way into a top B-school. (This still doesn't guarantee admittance or anything, since most of the other applicants to the top schools are going to be like former ambassadors and shit like that. But at least this will ensure that my application isn't laughed at prior to being rejected.)

Let's see, what else is going on. Oh, the moonlight canoe trip on Sat night was really cool. I don't know if any of y'all made it outside to watch any of the eclipse that evening - you probably got an even better show up North than we did. The funnest part of all was trying to canoe out of the swamp in the total darkness. Our trip leader didn't want us to use our flashlights b/c it would "spoil the ambiance" of the swamp experience. But my friend Jerry and I were like, "Um, blood dripping down our faces from canoeing directly into a tree would also destroy the ambiance." So we compromised by only using the flashlight in times of dire need. Much fun, indeed.
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Rena rocks!
La la la!
Rena rocks!
La la la!!!

Great job on the GMAT. Totally unrelated, did you get my voicemail about the trip to the Caribbean? Are you interested? If so, we'll be making reservations soon if that's what we go with. Let me know.
Pass the test and COME TO HARVARD
fa la la la - la la la la
Boston's great and we're waiting for you now
fa la la la - la la la la

Off you go to slay the dragon (e.g essay)
fa la la - fa la la - la la la

.....HOORAY and CONGRATULATIONS. I'm so so so proud of you. DON'T FORGET TO LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR MATERIALS TO HARVARD. My boss (Jeffrey Rayport) is a profession / dean emeritus (best professor 10 years running or something) and has connections to beat the band ... it can't hurt to float him a copy of your application; and I'm happy to do it....(just gimme a shot - we'll make you a former ambassador before the night is over ;-)

In other news, I did, inedeed watch the lunar eclipse from up here in these North parts (from the park near my house, in fact) and is was INCREDIBLE. The only drawback was that it was so damn cold (frost on the ground) ... and last night it "flurried" (a nicer word for snow) winter's just announced that it's here - ug.