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It's down to 70 degrees here - could winter actually be coming???

A super-fun day in the life of Rena is when she is sitting at an uber-boring conference about Homeland Security, thinking about how whenever anybody says the word "Homeland" it makes her want to break out the clogs and start doing folk dances, and then all of a sudden, one of the multitudes of vastly important legislators and state officials at the conference says something about how Tulane is the Great Satan because of various ills he thinks the University has committed, and all of a sudden, everybody in the conference turns and stares at Rena and they all start attacking her about how much the University sucks. And instead of cogently and intelligently laying out the reasons the University undertook the actions in question, Rena makes a noise like this, "Blughck."


That's a suuuuuper fun day.

But moving right along, I'm going canoeing on Saturday night and it's supposed to be a full moon with a lunar eclipse while we're out there. So that should be fun. And Kika is convinced that I'm going to get raped during the 15 seconds that we'll be in total darkness in the middle of the swamp during the lunar eclipse. bwa ha ha. It's even funner to get her all riled up.

I take the GMAT Monday morning, so cross your fingers for me. It's one of those wretched Computer Adaptive Tests, but at least you get your scores right away instead of having to wait for them. I've already arranged to go out to lunch with one of my friends right after - that way if it's good it can be a celebratory lunch, and if it's bad I can just start injecting the alcohol into my bloodstream as quickly as possible.

When the funk are we going to get the rest of the divas on here?
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