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okay, so I'm full of pancakes - breakfast from the diner downstairs - yum!

not like i haven't updated in about two months - i think Jenn should get the #1 Diva Award for being the most faithful updater of us all. Anyway, things have been, as usual, completely insane around here.

insanity point #1 - alfred is getting married in ONE WEEK (+2 days)!!! Saturday May 15. Do I have a dress yet for the wedding? No, I do not. Helpfully, my dad suggested that I just wear the same dress as for the rehearsal dinner. Silly, silly man! i'm thinking something in pink silk. we're supposed to stick to pastels, so that the pictures all "harmonize" (according to future mom-in-law Claudia).

insanity point #2 - my twin cousins, their sister Daina, Kika and I will all be staying in my studio apartment for almost an entire week during the wedding festivities. Eeep! That's five people in about 500 square feet. one of us ain't coming out alive. The twins get here on Tuesday night, Kika comes in from Baton Rouge on Wednesday, and Daina gets here Friday. Then Kika leaves Sunday night and everybody else leaves Tuesday. And I get a drink. Or 12. Actually I'm really looking forward to all the madness. it should be fun.

insanity point #3 - my neighbor, Vicki, and her husband Brad have decided to file a claim on our homeowner's insurance (and possibly sue my mom) because Vicki fell down on our property and broke her wrist two weeks ago. The insurance company investigated and found it to be a complete accident, without any negligence or blame on our part, but Brad is a liability lawyer and clearly sees this as an opportunity to try to get "free" money. He keeps telling us that this is action against our insurance company, not us (classic trial lawyer line!) but it's been really upsetting, obviously, for my mom and my whole family. We are not going to get involved in helping them commit insurance fraud, and clearly the insurance company is not going to take a hit on payouts without somehow passing that cost on to my mom through higher premiums or dropping her or whatever. So that's been unpleasant. I'm not too worried about it, b/c the insurance people determined very clearly that there was absolutely no negligence on our part - basically, she tripped when she was trying to climb over a bag that she had just seen us put down on the sidewalk - but obviously the possibility of having to testify in court against people who at one time we were really close with is not a fun prospect. Cross your fingers that they come to their senses and decide to drop this foolishness.

there were more insanity points, but i can't really remember them. oh yeah, kika failed the bar (AGAIN!) so that was really hard. she found out at the beginning of april. actually she wasn't as upset as I thought she would be, and she's already planning to take it for the third time in July. We figured out what the problem was - she wasn't studying the old tests enough (really, not at all), so remember that, all you current and future bar-takers! Study the old tests! HOpefully she will do that this time and crush it.

Work has been good - i got a promotion, bonus, and 25% raise. woot! however, did you know that the feds tax bonuses at 35%? not-so-woot.

there have been various moments of excitement recently where i met interesting and/or cute new guys and got my hopes up briefly, only to have them crushed to find out that said guys were gay/engaged/stalkers-in-training/not interested in me. sigh. Last weekend at Jazz Fest I talked with Dave Pirner, though, (the love of my life/former lead singer for Soul Asylum), and he sang a few lines of my favorite song for me, so that was cool. I shall marry him posthaste. You shall all be bridesmaids and wear old concert t-shirts with ripped jeans to my wedding. hee hee.

speaking of, someone else has a wedding coming up!!! I was so excited to read about the dress you found, Jen! So here's my idea - we need to pick a weekend and y'all need to come down to New Orleans for a pre-bachelorette party! (Clearly, we're going to spend the entire next year having bachelorette parties in various locations, so this will simply be the inaugural one). If we've only got a weekend, we can chill out in the city, or if there's a longer time, we can rent a house on the beach in Florida for a couple of days, but it needs to happen! whaddaya think?
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