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It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

what up chicas? Sitting here waiting for quitting time, figured I'd update whilst I procrastinate.

Holidays were lovely - hope all of y'alls were as well. Abigail and Michael (Kika's boyfriend) came over for Christmas Eve, which is like the only holiday that actually means something to the Politzers in that we have some hard-and-fast traditions for it. And that ended up being really nice. It's always a cool surprise when adding people to your funky family traditions actually ends up making them better. You heard it here first - I'm predicting Kika and Michael will be engaged by this time next Christmas. They are definitely moving in that direction. Which would be great - get her off our hands. ;)

I actually partied like a rock star for most of the vacation. Spent WAY too much time out one night with my former high school flame Brandon. Nothing too shameful happened, but for some reason we both remain attracted to each other despite the fact that we KNOW we don't suit each other. go figure.

On New Year's Eve my friend Noelle and I went down to the Quarter, which was SO much fun. We went to a free concert by the river (FYI, my new favorite band is called Big Sam's Funky Nation), saw the fireworks show, and then proceeded to lean against a pole on Bourbon Street for lit'rally 3 hours - just drinking frozen hurricanes and laughing at the tourists. Then we were back down there a few nights later to laugh at the Oklahoma fans who came down for the Sugar Bowl. Normally I hate LSU due to the soul-sucking rivalry between Tulane and LSU in baseball, but I had to cheer for them in the Sugar Bowl. It was such a good time, and such a great game.

Now i'm prepping to leave for Naples, Florida on Friday for work. Sure, I promise I'll go to the conference and not spend all my time on the beach. And if you believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you. I'm there till Tuesday, and I plan to have a massive cancer tan by the time I get back.

Work stuff is still all up in the air - I've got a few interviews lined up for when I get back, I'm waiting to hear from a few other people I contacted at the Legislature, and I just gave my boss, as per her request, the "ideal" job description that she could use to entice me to stay at Tulane for a while longer. Did it include a $15,000 raise? Why yes, it did. We'll see if they actually pony up or if all her talk about not wanting to lose me was just that. Personally, I'm hoping to get a position as a Legislative Analyst in Baton Rouge, but I would hate leaving my apartment. So I'm just keeping it loose, waiting to see what happens.

peace out, chicas. (And a special shout-out to our newly-engaged chica, who I was so excited to talk with the other day! Jenn, I saw a great wedding gown the other day that I wanted to tell you about - it had a miniskirt and peacock feathers everywhere! you would love it! hee hee)
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