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Pretty much clueless

So, much has happened in my so-called life lately. I talked to my best friend Toby Hills-Credle at the GMAT Board yesterday and she said that they have dropped the inquiry into my scores - meaning that all is well and they won't be cancelled. As Alfred said when I told him the good news - HELL YEAH! As a side note, what the hell kind of name is Toby Hills-Credle???? Have you ever known a woman named Toby??? I think she goes around starting shit w/ people's scores to make up for her own personal angst about being stuck with such a name... or maybe I'm just bitter. Anyway, suffice it to say that I have learned my lesson from this - when you take the GMAT, you are expected to read, memorize and live each of the 47,000 regulations in their sign-up packet. Take it as one to grow on from me. I'm just uber glad that all ended well with that.

Also, had conversation with current boss (sharon) re: looking for new job. Went better than expected. Starting to send out resumes, etc. Much fun? Not really. But hopefully will result in fabulous new position at State Legislature or w/ a campaign, which ideally will allow me to directly observe the political shenanigans without requiring me to get involved with them, or really, do any work at all. I think that's a reasonable goal, don't you? Sharon said that they're going to try to put together a "nice incentive package" to get me to stay at Tulane, for at least a little while longer, so we'll see what that looks like. I'm not totally ruling it out b/c if I stayed I would have more time to research/apply to grad schools for 2006.

Going Christmas caroling from canoes this weekend on Bayou St. John. Also going to watch the Saints lose to the NY Giants on Sunday night w/ Alfred. I just realized that these next three games are the last home games of the season, and the last season that he and I will have seasons tickets together, since next year he'll be in Atlanta. Sure, we'll probably go to some games together here or there, but it won't be the same. We've had seasons tickets for the past three years. :-(
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