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yeeooowww, winter's here

Okay, I got back from Thibodaux yesterday and it is like 1 degree outside. Frrrrreezing. And we went this morning to buy the Christmas tree and my mom wanted to look at approximately 7,342 trees before making a decision and I was standing there trying to hold them all up whilst feeling my internal organs congeal from the cold. Just wanted to give you all that fun mental picture....

Anyway, this past week and a half has been so insane, there's material for approximately 48 posts. However, I will try to condense it into one. here goes.

So, after I got back from Arkansas, I sat down to do business school applications and I basically had a deep introspective what-the-hell-am-I-doing experience while sitting in the University computer lab. (Ka-learly my crappy-ass DSL in my apartment wasn't working so I had to be doing this in the UNO computer lab, since God decided that nothing should go smoothly for me this week.)
And I was sitting there, speed-reading through the Columbia application to find out how I was supposed to handle references and such, when I realized that is just not a good idea - it's not the way I want to handle my choice of grad schools. Basically it came down to a time issue - applications are due January 8, work has been CRAZY busy and only now calming down, I would have roughly 18 essays to write in that time period, as well as references to ask for, and I haven't visited any of the schools except Harvard, which they apparently really want you to do based on their application questions. And actually I think it's a really good idea to visit the schools prior, because each one of them has such different feel and focus. And I was just basing my decisions off of the US News and World Report rankings, which I realized was a really stupid idea. And then I realized that I'm not even 100% sure that I want an MBA, versus an MPA (Masters of Public Administration) or an MPP (Masters of Public Policy). It's like, I know what basic area I want to go into, but I need more time to decide on the exact degree program and research/visit the schools. So I decided to hold off another year on the applications, but, since I am starting to loathe Tulane and my boss, to look for another job, preferably in the State Legislature. I have some good applications in, so keep your fingers crossed.

So, decision made to hold off. Which turned out to be fortuitous, because the GMAT testing people sent me a letter about two days later saying that they're thinking about canceling my scores because I was wearing a digital watch during the essay portion of the test. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
see, the way it went down was, there are three parts to the test - the essay, the math and then the verbal. So I was just wearing my regular watch (which happens to be digital), not knowing that they aren't allowed. And before the test, they went through this whole long harangue about banned items, and listed like 15 things and never mentioned watches. So I happily start the test, and when I am signing out for the break between the essay and the math, the proctor says, "Oh, you can't wear that watch in the test room, but you can just leave it with me." So I do, and proceed back into the room to take the rest of the test. And never once do they mention that this might be a problem or that they might CANCEL my scores. Cause clearly I wouldn't have even wasted my time taking the rest of the test if I had known that might be the case. So I get this letter, and they ask me to send a reply laying out my side of the story, so I do - telling them about how I only wore it for the essay (since they probably are most worried about people wearing those wrist-computers during the math), and that it didn't have an alarm or anything that would bother other test-takers, etc. So now I'm waiting on their decision. I have to be pretty philosophical about it, because it is my fault - I didn't read the 18 page 10-point type rule book that they sent me closely enough. And I know that I wasn't cheating or trying to cheat, but they don't know that. And at least this happened after I made the decision to hold off on the applications, cause if I was still trying to get those in for Jan 8 and my scores were in jeopardy, I'd be flipping out right now. yet, it still seems like the fates are laughing at me sometimes.

Finally, the business trip from hell to thibodaux. but that warrants the least attention, because
a) it's over
b) it's for poopy Tulane that I don't care about any more anyway
c) it's over
d) i didn't kill anyone, even though i was sorely tempted on several occasions

So that's what's been occupying my life about now. Thanksgiving was great and I went hiking with Noelle the weekend after, so that was a fun interlude in the midst of the madness. I have Monday off - hallelujah! so i'm looking forward to some peace and quiet. We'll see if that actually occurs. laters....
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