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hello freeeeends

yeeeeeeah, basically the next week is going to SUCK. Huge meeting next wednesday for the hell-beast project that i hate with a passion and somehow got stuck with. the meeting will last from wed to fri and i'm going to cry before it's over. Billy Tauzin (our sugar-daddy in congress, for whom this project is his baby) may or may not come down for it, and there may or may not be any people in the audience at the meetings because they may or may not care. the only certainties are that it was insane for them to want to hold this the week after Thanksgiving, when it is impossible to plan b/c everyone's out, AND if all goes to hell, Rena will get blamed. boo.

on the upside, i spent the weekend in Arkansas with Kika visiting her best friend Laura and her husband, and we went to their cabin by the prettiest lake you ever did see, and we went rockclimbing and hiking and made shish-kebabs (no idea how to spell that) and for at least a weekend I was able to put the stress of work and b-school applications (on which i have still done nothing) behind me. But that's basically the last fun I'll have until January 8, whence this stupid meeting and the stupid applications for the stupid schools that I don't even feel like going to anymore will be turned in. ugh.
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