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it's carnival time and the mood is right....

so the parade was surreal, guys. As David Rizzo once wisely remarked, It's sort of like being a combination of a rock star and Jesus. People literally go insane. And my fellow riders kept assuring me that we were seeing only part of the whole spectacle since we were on the last float and some people had already left the parade by the time we got to them. But I'm having a hard time understanding how it could have been any crazier, unless people just started having spontaneous heart attacks on the side of the street. The tourists were so much fun to throw to since they were thrilled with whatever they caught, even if it was just the plastic bag that the beads had been wrapped in. And the locals were cracking me up because they would come up to the floats with specific bead requests and shun any alternatives that you tried to pawn off on them. I can't tell you how many men (both cute and non-cute) told me how beautiful I am and offered to perform various activities (some X-rated) for beads. Of course, I shamelessly egged them on and then didn't throw them anything. *wink*

I tried to remember to take pictures, but it was hard amidst the madness. I did get some, esp of my crazy costume - i plan to wear the giant frizzy blonde mermaid wig at all important occasions from now on. hopefully the ones of the float and crowds will come out, but they really don't like us to take pics once the parade starts since our job then is to throw as much as possible to our subjects. The entire parade probably took about four hours. There was a huge pre-party and post-party, which were both fun as well. So, all told, I spent from 2 p.m. to midnight in total Mardi Gras overload. I managed to save some throws for you guys, so watch your mailboxes.... ;)

For those of you who heard about it, the shooting was not anywhere near my float. It occurred towards the front of the parade and seems to have been some kind of gang turf thing. It was really shocking since until now, parades and mardi gras have usually been a time when even the thugs call a temporary truce. They immediately arrested the guys responsible, but that doesn't help the poor lady who died and the other three who got hurt. And of course they were all innocent bystanders, which again shows the ultimate unfairness of these things. (btw Jen, thanks for your message and I'm sorry you were worried.) I'm fine - nobody in the parade got hurt.
So that sort of put a pall on the whole thing, but hopefully they'll make an example out of these guys and prevent any other acts like this from ever happening again.

As for now, I'm finishing up work and heading out to a parade tonight, a huge all-day parade tomorrow (my favorite one which rolls right near my apartment) and then who knows what else on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We're off work until wednesday so I'm ready for the vacation! Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!
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