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just call me SEX GODDESS

From: Dalia Girgis
Subject: Re: Hi
To: Irena Politzer

just wanted to let you know that both brett and his roomate thought that you were the nicest "friend of a friend" that they had ever met. They thought you were really cool and they enjoyed conversating w/you. Seems like you made a good impression for brett to be commenting about it. anyway, just thought i'd let you know. if you want to do lunch at some point soon, let me know,


A brief backgrounder may be in order -
"Irena Politzer" - aka Rena - our fearless heroine, navigating the minefields of single-dom with pluck and courage
"Dalia Girgis" - her high-school friend with whom she went out last friday night, expecting it to be fairly low-key and boring. How quickly things changed.
"Brett" - Dalia's friend and lab partner who Rena set her sights on from the moment she walked in the bar, due to his above-average cuteness (in a slightly Christian Slater-ish manner) and cynical, weird sense of humor (you know how that gets her every time)
"Brett's Roomate" - aka Brian - the unwitting pawn in Rena's ploy to snag Brett's attention, although she soon discovered that Brian really was a nice and funny dude, too. Too bad he's bald and 35.

What will the future hold for Rena and Brett? As he works in the LSU Med School, two blocks away from Rena, one can picture cozy little lunches at the corner McDonalds, or maybe even a little tete-a-tete at the Vietnamese restaurant with the cashier who has tuberculosis.

We'll ignore for the moment that Brett might only be interested in Rena in a platonic friendship kind of way. We prefer to focus on the sex goddess potentiality of the whole situation.
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