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Working hard or hardly working????

Is it bad that I've been at work for 1 hour and 39 minutes, and as of this moment I have done absolutely no work? It doesn't feel bad, in fact it's kind of fun, but there's this lingering guilt. Damn that Protestant work ethic!!!

Anyway, the exciting news for the day is that I'm going to ride in a parade this Mardi Gras! Woot woot! It's called Muses - it's an all-women krewe and my boss and a bunch of her friends ride in it every year. One of their people has to go out of town so they needed a sub. I'm so pumped!!!! It costs a fair amount of money but since I apparently think I'm a baller already w/ the credit card debt, I figure another $1200 shouldn't hurt too bad. They've only been around about three years but they are definitely one of the funnest parades to attend b/c they throw a ton and always have really clever floats and themes. So I'm betting that riding with them will be a riot.
I'll have to send you all little packages of beads,etc. Maybe I can convince your mailmen to throw them to you, like a little mini-parade.
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