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Almost excessive Christmas cheer

So I have to join Anna in total admiration for those of you who already mailed out your packages. As for me, there are allegedly 12 days of Christmas and you KNOW I'm going to need every last one of them to get my cards and gifts out. Which is not to say that I am not awash in Christmas cheer. In fact, for some reason I find myself unable to turn away from the All-Christmas-Carols, All-the-Time radio station. Even when they play the really crappy carols re-made by really crappy singers - like O-town singing The Color of Christmas. blech.

Anyhoo, this weekend was our Christmas tea, to which my friend Mandie came with her unbelievably adorable 2-month old baby. Awwww. A bunch of my friends came and we spent the entire time stuffing our faces. Very little tea was actually drunk - we left that for my mom and the oldsters. I prefer not to fill up my stomach with tea when there is rum cake to be had instead. Afterwards we laid around the living room in various stages of sated sloth-dom, and then Sarah Casey and I went to see the most ghetto Living Nativity that ever was. The girl playing Mary was wearing big ole bling-bling jewelry and Joseph had a tattoo on his face. Instead of arriving on a donkey, I half-expected them to arrive in a hooped-out Lincoln Navigator.

Then last night Margi and I sang Christmas carols in Jackson Square in front of St. Louis Cathedral with about 10,000 other happy New Orleanians. It was mad fun. The guy leading the carols was seriously on speed , so we'd go through Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at like Mach 3, and then he'd yell "Let's do it again!" And since we were in the heart of the French Quarter, he was of course gay. So everything was said in this hysterical way, and he would do these crazy Hollywood endings to the songs - like going up into his upper register in an apparent attempt to be Little Richard. And then I started setting things on fire with my candle. It was much fun.

Now it's back to work for two days and then off! Off for 10 whole days!!! God love Tulane's new holiday break schedule
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