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late NIGHT, come home, work SUCKS, i know

Went to the Saints game yesterday - they WON, finally. Spent the entire time teasing alfred about how he'll have to become an Atlanta fan now that he and Abby-snail are moving to ATL. Met up w/ Noelle and Donald afterwards for drinks - they have finally ended their quasi-relationship (read:sex) and are now good friends in that slightly-weird way that always comes after you've seen someone naked. Not that I've seen that many people naked, mind you. Other than the usual during Mardi Gras.

Anyway, returning to my point. Oh yeah, so my elation at discovering that they're no longer together was tempered by finding out that he's dating some chick up in Baton Rouge. Boo. Hiss. On the upside, Noelle and I made plans to go camping the weekend after Thanksgiving.

LSU won a big game on Sat night and Kathleen Blanco got elected LA's first woman governor on Sat night - the Sunday papers were clearly in a quandary over which headline should go above the fold. Go Kathleen, woot woot! hopefully she'll do a better job than our last governor, who literally spent most of his time at his duck camp and, on the few times that he really got involved in legislation, it was always about whether the state could mandate motorcycle helmets. my god. I mean, our state is last in about every economic ranking, and he's worried about helmet-hair.

Downloaded some B-School applications yesterday - gulp! They're like 30 pages long, y'all, and with no less than 6 essays each. I'm going to give it a shot but I'm starting to think I might have to wait until next year to apply - they tell me it's best to get it in by the second round of applications and work is so hectic for the next few weeks that I don't know if that's going to be possible. we'll see.
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